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“ I wanted to thank you again for your work on the ECHN grateful patient brochure. I'm so excited. I love how it reads. I'm proud of this brochure and I owe it to the graphic designer and you and your expertise in developing the right message. ”

Nina Kruse, Administrative Director of Development, ECHN Foundation, April 2012

“Chris is a uniquely creative talent -- he turns the prose of business into poetry without being too-clever-by-half or losing the point of the communication. If you want to drive your messages with creativity and precision, Chis is the man for you.”

Joe Mondy, Director of Public Relations, Cigna, January 2012

“Chris is a fantastically talented writer. He can run with projects with little to no intervention. Besides his ability to compel and excite the business reader, Chris has a deep well of highly competent providers who complement his services and can be brought to bear on any project. Chris is very very enjoyable to work with and I would trust him with any writing project.”

Bill Kenney, Founder & Client/User Advocate at Test My Pitch, My Expo & Event Team and Networking You, November 2013

“I just got the first draft of the copy for the viewbook.  Wow.  We are thrilled.  I got tears reading the first page.  You nailed it and we love it!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Kelly W. Webster, Associate Executive Director, The Grove School, October 2014

“ "A copy writer who "gets it" AND "gets it to you quick" is a true find. Chris has helped me on a number of different projects and I find his perspective insightful, and his writing strong. I'm amazed how often he nails it on round one when I've only been able to give him the sketchiest of bullet points to work from. I am happy to give him a ringing endorsement and strongly recommend his work." ”

Kate Barrett, Principal, Swift Cricket Marketing, LLC, January 2017

“ Working with Chris was an absolute pleasure. He gives 110% to every project, is willing to enter unchartered waters to learn a new skill, brings a rare optimism and calm to every conversation and on top of all that, he's a great writer who can make any message pop with humor, clarity and zing. Finally, Chris is just a great guy--I hope our paths cross again. ”

Andrea Enright, Web Managing Editor, Cigna, August 2017

“ Chris is a wonderfully creative writer who is able to generate ideas and move them from the creative stage to "the ideas have been implemented and it's exactly what I was looking for" stage. Chris is easy to work with and is extremely flexible plus he's a real decent human being. ”

Pam Butterfield, President and Founder, Business Success Tools, LLC, April 2012

“Ah Chris.... The KING of concise writing. If you need anything in written form - Chris is the guy who delivers. I should probably just stop writing - right there... However... I'll go on... And each one of these phrases will just about kill the editor in Chris... That said - he's also a wonderful, sweet, caring, loving human being. He's the type of person that you want to do business with if you value the human element of business. And I very much do value that. Hire Chris for any of your writing needs. You won't be disappointed.”

Jerry Wistrom, Professional Certified Coach, All Out Coaching LLC, February 2010

“ When it comes to writing that's to the point, with a point, and on point, no one does it better than Chris Amorosino. He is a master at crafting words and messages that get the job done. He makes every word count, which is something many people - including those who make their living as writers - struggle to do. Fantastic writer, funny, fun, professional...and the best quality of all, he's a really nice guy to know and work with. Rarely do professional writers identify people they can watch and learn from later in their careers. In the spirit of Zinsser, White, and others, we all can learn about writing well from Chris. ”

Anne Witkavitch, M.F.A., President, C-Suite Communications, May 2015

“ If I was marooned on a desert island with one other person, a sheet of blank paper, a pen, and a bottle with a cork, I would want the other person to be an excellent writer who could concisely capture in words our situation and effectively motivate someone to immediately come to our rescue. I would want the other person to be Chris Amorosino. ”

Ned Mann, Commercial Strategic Marketing, Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, June 2015

“Chris worked with us on an internal publication, and quickly picked up on -- and even helped improve -- our organizational writing style. He is creative, a fantastic writer, and a pleasure to work with. He's also fast and can provide a quick turn around in a pinch -- which proved quite helpful on several occasions!”

Adena Puchalski, Director, Internal Communications, ING, December 2011

“ "Chris is an idea factory. He has an uncanny ability to generate creative concepts and copy that delight and deliver. What's more, Chris is remarkably easy to work with and will do whatever it takes to meet the needs of his clients. Even better, he brings a deep sense of caring and loyalty to his client relationships that is refreshing in today's business world. For all these reasons, I can recommend Chris without reservation to anyone who needs top-shelf creative ideas and copy."   ”

Harry J. Lew, Owner, Avanza Communications, LLC, January 2017

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